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The Year in Review, Part 2

Summer 09 was a struggle in some ways, because I found myself outside of the “Harding Bubble,” away from my new-found friends, and not at all sure what I should do with what I had learned the past school year, and what I should do with myself.  Continue reading “The Year in Review, Part 2”


Oh Summer

What a love/hate relationship.  In some ways, I love being able to actually sleep/get rest, and having the option to just relax and not do a lot.  At the same time, sometimes it just gets to be too much to bear, and living in a small town, it’s hard to figure out something to do just to get out of the house.  Plus, I just have issues with feeling unproductive.  It’s something I haven’t quite figured out or understood about myself, but I just feel like SUCH a bum—and sometimes so far as feeling worthless—if I’m not doing something “productive” or “worthwhile.”

So, I have this big list of things I want to do or accomplish this summer.  And so far, it’s not going quite so well as I would like.  One thing I have learned about myself over the past year is that I don’t seem to function well or get much accomplished if I don’t have everything scheduled out for me.  Heck, sometimes I don’t do so hot even when things are scheduled out for me.

I am currently jobless, and likely to remain so, which doesn’t help the “I need to have a schedule” issue.  I’ve struggled with this, but I think if I can make the most of my time, and can get other useful things done, grow, have some fun, and hopefully in some way prepare for the future and the (hopefully) opportunities that may come along.

I’ve also considered getting my World Lit credit out of the way this summer, at the community college here in town.  I’ve been back and forth about it.  I’m pretty much certain that I will have to take it during the summer, just to free up class space during the school year, but I haven’t decided whether I should take it now or later.  It doesn’t seem like that kind of decision should be too much to consider and figure out, but there are a lot of things going through my head about it that I’m not going to take the time to elaborate on here.  Maybe I just think too hard and too much about things.  But regardless, prayers about that decision would be appreciated.

However, my biggest struggle so far this summer has been my spiritual walk.  Blasted “Harding Bubble.” Or should I say Blasted world-outside-the “Harding Bubble?” I don’t know.  My hard time getting things accomplished without a schedule extends even into my time with God.  Add to that the “culture shock”, if you will, of coming home and being in a different environment, with different people, who are living different lives and are having/had different experiences from you…

Today has been refreshing.  I’ve been able to get away, and spend some time reading and studying the Word.  But I would still appreciate prayers for this area of my life right now.

No estoy cansado…o casado. hahahahah

How am I going to fit a semester’s worth of Spanish in 3 hours??  Yikes.  I realllly don’t wanna pull an all-nighter.

My dorm room is very lonely.  I don’t like this whole let’s-spend-nine-months-making-strangers-family-oh-its-may!-now-we-have-to-leave-everybody-and-go-home business.  Not in the least.

Especially since at the moment I have no plans for the summer, and no meaningful/productive way to spend my time.

Also, I just realized something about my last post.  I knew something would slip my mind.  I don’t want anyone to think that my only friends are Spring Break-ers or ChiOs.  I’ve made many other wonderful friends who are dear to me, and if they happened to read this I wouldn’t want them to think that I think any less of them.  All my friends are loved, I have been blessed by them all.

Whoever penso of final examenes on viernes antes de verano necesitas…

(Translation:  whoever thought of final exams on firday before summer needs…)

well, let’s just say I don’t like that person A T ALL, and I question their sanity. :///

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