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receiving gifts

Receiving gifts: a love language for all Christians

Earlier this month I wrote about the 5 love languages, and throughout the month, #LoveBlog prompts will feature each love language individually. Today’s focus is receiving gifts.

Now, as I said in my love languages post, I think that the receiving gifts love language is probably misunderstood. It sounds materialistic. For me personally, even after coming to a better understanding of what that love language meant, I didn’t really identify with it. It’s not a top language for me.

But it occurred to me earlier this week that, regardless of your score on the love languages quiz, we all speak the love language of receiving gifts.

At least we do if we are Christians.


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The 5 Love Languages are not just about romance

February. The month of LOVE.


The thing about love is that there are different types. The thing about relationships is that they aren’t just romantic.

The thing about love languages is that you need to know more than just your significant other’s.

It may be a little hypocritical of me to make that statement. I am by no means an expert in my friends and family’s love language. I would be hard pressed to say any of them with much certainty.

Another disclaimer I should make is that I have not read the 5 Love Languages book. I did read Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married by Gary Chapman, the author of the love languages book, that had a chapter on the love languages, but I am by no means an expert in love languages in general, or how to apply that knowledge to your relationship with a significant other, or with anyone else. However, I don’t think you have to be.

You don’t have to bombard everyone in your life with the quiz just to love them the best you can. I think a little observation and critical thinking can help you identify the ways you can best speak love to those in your life. It’s not that everyone shows love in the exact same way that they enjoy being shown love, but it is sometimes the case. By being mindful of the people in our lives, I think we can sometimes learn how to better serve them. Continue reading “The 5 Love Languages are not just about romance”

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