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My Family in Christ

Family is more than your blood.

We’ve all heard that saying before, or something akin to it. Now, you’ve probably also heard that blood is thicker than water—it’s just one of the many sets of contradictory aphorisms out there. But I tend to lean on the side that family is more than blood.

The reason is because of my faith in God and Jesus Christ, and the experiences I have had bonding with other Christians.

They are my family. Continue reading “My Family in Christ”


Words of affirmation: more than just compliments

This is a “make-up” post for one of the #LoveBlog prompts I missed over Valentine’s Day weekend. “Words of affirmation” was the prompt for Saturday, Feb. 13.


Words of affirmation is one of my top love languages (it and physical touch vie for the top spot). I love to read, love to write, and ended up being an English teacher who teaches both to teenagers; it just makes sense that words would mean a lot to me in my personal relationships as well. Continue reading “Words of affirmation: more than just compliments”

Acts of service that will actually be appreciated

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Today’s #LoveBlog prompt is “Acts of Service,” one of the 5 love languages, which were discussed in an earlier post. I’ve gotten behind on blogging because of some travel, so there are some prompts that I have missed. Acts of service is actually today’s prompt, but I will be trying to “make up” some of the prompts I missed over the next couple of days, as well as try to stay on schedule.


So, acts of service. Acts of service has always been a pretty low score when I take the love languages quiz, but that just goes to show how love languages can be fluid, so we should be as fluent in them all as possible! Recently, acts of service has been one of the love languages I appreciate most.


Continue reading “Acts of service that will actually be appreciated”

When is a relationship past deal-breakers?

broken heart

In my humble opinion, I think we should be really careful what we consider “deal-breakers.”

Are there deal-breakers? Absolutely. I’m not saying that serious issues, such as abuse, shouldn’t be considered deal-breakers. That is a different topic and consideration entirely.

But we’ve all heard the conversations about people’s list of qualities they want in a significant other. Maybe we’ve even written one of those lists ourselves.

But should you truly look over a guy if he doesn’t play guitar? Really?

Should you really disregard a female because she isn’t your definition of a “trophy wife?” Really?

But, even beyond what is a deal-breaker is an even more important question:

At what point is a relationship past deal-breakers? Continue reading “When is a relationship past deal-breakers?”

4 Surprises in the First Month of Marriage

I got a bit behind on #LoveBlog because of the Super Bowl and a weekend at home. This post is based on yesterday’s prompt: National Marriage Week. I will be posting for today’s prompt later in the day.

The prompt is National Marriage Week, and I don’t feel fully equipped to write much of anything on marriage. We’re barely more than a month in, and I am definitely not the best wife to ever walk the earth. But there have been a few surprises in the past month. Let me know if any of these things surprised you as well. Continue reading “4 Surprises in the First Month of Marriage”

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