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Social media and the impact on teenagers

I love social media. I love that it makes the world a smaller place, that through technology we can keep up with events and with people from all over the world. I went to a college in my home state where a large percentage of students were not from that same state. Upon graduation, many—in fact, probably most—of my friends of four years ended up in other states, and places far from me. Social media has allowed me to remain connected to them.

Social media also allows us to build relationships with people we never could otherwise. Through platforms like Twitter and blogging, users can connect with people from all over the world with same or varied interests. It’s really an incredible world we live in today.

However, despite the love I have for social media, I feel strongly about the negative impact it can have on today’s youth, and I don’t think I will ever stop speaking out about it.


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Insights From the Gospel of John

For the sake of a new blog post, I’m going to share my “Insights” from the Gospel of John.  I took the course (Gospel of John) this past semester as my bible credit, and the last major assignment was to write a list of 15-20 insights from the text.  These insights were supposed to be (1.) connected to the text of John and (2.) coach your living.  Ultimately, what our instructor wanted this assignment to achieve was to be a coherent listing of the most important things we learned in the class that semester, something we could keep in our bibles and refer to periodically to refresh ourselves.  My printed copy is in my bible right now. Continue reading “Insights From the Gospel of John”


Well, besides the fact that it is now March, I think the fact that I am currently on Spring Break and thus halfway through the semester makes it a little late to write an entry reflecting on the last part of 2009, the fall semester of Sophomore year. Suffice it to say that I’ve reflected on it for myself, and have tried to learn from it.  It’s funny how at times you can look back and be happy with how things played out and how you handled yourself, and at times it feels like such a lose and you think you could have done so much more with the time you had…

Anyway, instead of writing the promised year in review part 3, I’m going to share a survey of sorts I came across about goals.  I just happened upon it on a friend’s facebook, and thought it was a really good thing to reflect on.  Continue reading “Goals”

The Year in Review, Part 2

Summer 09 was a struggle in some ways, because I found myself outside of the “Harding Bubble,” away from my new-found friends, and not at all sure what I should do with what I had learned the past school year, and what I should do with myself.  Continue reading “The Year in Review, Part 2”

Too Long…and an Ode

So, it has been ENTIRELY too long since I’ve updated this blog.  Entirely.  Too Long.

There is a lot that I could write about, and I hope that I will soon be able to write about the meaningful things I have learned and been working through in my life since the last post.  However, this is not the time.  I shouldn’t be writing at all because of my homework load.  However, I felt the need to at least write something.

So, I will share a poem.  In Human Situation I today we were asked to write a poem that–at least slightly–mimicked the style and form of Pablo Neruda’s “Ode to…” poems.  This is the second time we’ve been asked to write something creative in a very short amount of time (15-20 minutes), and it is very mind-stretching.  At first I hated feeling so pressured when writing, but I’ve actually come to enjoy the exercise.  The time limit forces your mind to search within itself, and I find myself digging up ideas and thoughts and contemplations I didn’t realize I had.  For example, this poem.  I orginally planned to write about nectarines (to copy Neruda’s own theme of food), and look what I ended up with.  It’s a very interesting process.

So without further ado, here (humbly, as I don’t claim to be any good) is my poem. 

Ode to Paper

so thin, yet so strong

you are but a means to an end

you’re expanse is empty,

waiting for the paint

or ink

of some tortured soul to invest you with meaning.

your destiny is not your own

you are shaped by the thoughts of others.

what a shallow experience!

and yet

the lack of substance

begets your value to others

you act as an

unbiased listener

a confidant to whom

we can grieve

and who will


share our joys.

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