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5 Love Languages

Physical touch: We are THAT couple

When two people BOTH have “physical touch” as their top love language, things are bound to get obnoxious.

Bear with me here, I’m not going to get TMI on you.

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Physical touch is far more than just hugs and kisses and sex. (Yes, I said the “s word.”) I remember the first time I took the Love Languages quiz, I got physical touch and felt a bit awkward about it. A close group of friends of both genders were sharing their scores, and I, as a single person, was afraid that having physical touch as my highest scoring language would come off “the wrong way,” or that it was in some way inappropriate. But that doesn’t have to be the case at all. Continue reading “Physical touch: We are THAT couple”


Romantic comedy or “the little things” — Which do you want in your relationship?

I’m not a huge fan of romantic comedies. Occasionally they are fun, but I’ve just never been a hopeless romantic.

One of the reasons why I think I have a distaste for rom-coms is just simply because they aren’t realistic. Sure, romance exists. Sweeping efforts to show love and over-the-top actions to woo DO happen in real-life relationships….at times. But in rom-coms, that’s the end of the story. In a real relationship, it’s not.

So where do real relationships go when the over-the-top ends?

The little things. Continue reading “Romantic comedy or “the little things” — Which do you want in your relationship?”

Words of affirmation: more than just compliments

This is a “make-up” post for one of the #LoveBlog prompts I missed over Valentine’s Day weekend. “Words of affirmation” was the prompt for Saturday, Feb. 13.


Words of affirmation is one of my top love languages (it and physical touch vie for the top spot). I love to read, love to write, and ended up being an English teacher who teaches both to teenagers; it just makes sense that words would mean a lot to me in my personal relationships as well. Continue reading “Words of affirmation: more than just compliments”

Acts of service that will actually be appreciated

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Today’s #LoveBlog prompt is “Acts of Service,” one of the 5 love languages, which were discussed in an earlier post. I’ve gotten behind on blogging because of some travel, so there are some prompts that I have missed. Acts of service is actually today’s prompt, but I will be trying to “make up” some of the prompts I missed over the next couple of days, as well as try to stay on schedule.


So, acts of service. Acts of service has always been a pretty low score when I take the love languages quiz, but that just goes to show how love languages can be fluid, so we should be as fluent in them all as possible! Recently, acts of service has been one of the love languages I appreciate most.


Continue reading “Acts of service that will actually be appreciated”

Date Ideas that Promote Quality Time

Ahhhhh, the “perfect” date.

My first date with my husband was not a perfect date. I was incredibly nervous and incredibly awkward. We did dinner and a movie, and I just felt awkward the whole time.

After the dinner and a movie? We just talked, for quite awhile. And that part of the night…actually went really well, and was not awkward.

Even though I’ve already talked about how quality time can be difficult for introverts, I really enjoy dates that allow our time together to truly be quality, whether it be that it opens doors for good conversation, or is a quality activity to do together.

Here are some date ideas that I think promote quality time together. I won’t promise that all my ideas are free, but these are some of my favorites:

Continue reading “Date Ideas that Promote Quality Time”

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