The Poetry That Is Life

Trying to find the beauty, the poetry, in every moment



The Year in Review, Part 2

Summer 09 was a struggle in some ways, because I found myself outside of the “Harding Bubble,” away from my new-found friends, and not at all sure what I should do with what I had learned the past school year, and what I should do with myself.  Continue reading “The Year in Review, Part 2”


The Year in Review, Part 1

It seems that every year, as New Year’s Eve rolls around and it’s time to think about the previous year and consider the possibilities of the next, I always have to think really hard about what all even happened in the year. Even as fast as a year flies by, it still is a long time with a lot of space for things to happen, you know? Honestly, I have a terrible memory. In fact, last year one of my goals was to keep a record of every event that seemed significant, that to me was worth remembering. I still have the document on my computer: Events of 2009. I made it Feb 20th before it fell by the wayside. I think it’s worth the brain-racking though, just to stop and think about what has happened in your life in a year and what you can learn from it. Continue reading “The Year in Review, Part 1”

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