Here are the most popular posts that I’ve written so far. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t yet!

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Here are some of my FAVORITE posts. These are the ones that I’m personally really proud of, or that I feel are really important in some way.

  1. Social Media and the affect on teenagers: this subject is really close to my heart as someone who works in education and interacts with teenagers daily.  It’s SO important to understand how teens interact with social media.
  2. Receiving Gifts: a love language for all Christians:  My faith is an important aspect of my life, and I feel the concept of the 5 love languages is important and beneficial to all relationships–including our relationship with God. Come check out how I see the love language of receiving gifts to apply to our relationship with our Saviour.
  3. Faith, Hope, and Love: Again, my faith is important. Come see how I see the religious concepts of faith, hope, and love interacting with each other.