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The Fun of Grading Vocabulary Quizzes

My 11th grade ACT Reading Class (yes, since I last posted I have graduated college, gotten a job teaching, and have been teaching for about a month now) takes a vocabulary quiz every week.  They must match the word to the correct definition, and then they must write a sentence using each word.  The sentences is where it gets interesting when I grade.  Sometimes they aren’t even working the right definition, which it really interesting.  But even when they have it right, sometimes they come up with the funniest things!  Here are some of my favorites:

  • “I have compassion for ppl sometimes.”
  • “My teacher has adulation from her students.” —maybe he means me?? 😉
  • If you are getting instructions from a teacher, and you don’t listen the first time, she might censure.” –preach it girl!
  • “I give my dog adulation when she doesn’t bite me for touching her.” Haha!
  • “The long red dress the girl wore to prom made her look even more aesthetic.” o_O
  • “The camaraderie sent shivers down her body.”–not exactly right
  • “The beaver caused a flood adulationly.”–not quite right either


First off, this gorgeous place is only about 20-30 minutes from where I live, and today was my first time there!  What in the world!

But in all seriousness, what a beautiful, perfect day.  I snapped so many photos today just because I was in awe of the beauty around me. I wasn’t even as in awe as I should have been.  I take these little blessings for granted far too often. 

But besides all that, here’s the thing that struck me today.  As beautiful as nature is, it is NOT the best of God’s creation.   It was only after he created humans in His image that he called creation “very good” (see Genesis 1).

It’s hard for me to believe that my beauty doesn’t even compare to that of a mountain stream.  But all the splendor that Earth has to offer doesn’t compare to the fact that I–that we–were made in the image of God. He breathed in us the Breath of Life.  What could be more beautiful than that!

Identity Crisis

I wrote an opinion piece for the school newspaper this past week.  I’m in the newspaper writing class this semester, and honestly I volunteered this week to get the editorial requirement out of the way; I had no idea what I should write about.  Thankfully, the Lord revealed to me a subject that I should explore in writing, namely because it’s something that I have had to deal with in my own life.  It’s always cathartic to write about life, and I hope that something I say will have a positive effect on someone else.

Check it out. 

Awake My Soul

It’s not often that you find a musical artist that has both poetically relevant lyrics and interesting instrumentation.  Yet I think I have found that in Mumford and Sons.  Continue reading “Awake My Soul”

Insights From the Gospel of John

For the sake of a new blog post, I’m going to share my “Insights” from the Gospel of John.  I took the course (Gospel of John) this past semester as my bible credit, and the last major assignment was to write a list of 15-20 insights from the text.  These insights were supposed to be (1.) connected to the text of John and (2.) coach your living.  Ultimately, what our instructor wanted this assignment to achieve was to be a coherent listing of the most important things we learned in the class that semester, something we could keep in our bibles and refer to periodically to refresh ourselves.  My printed copy is in my bible right now. Continue reading “Insights From the Gospel of John”

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