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Fellowship Conference Recap

This past weekend my husband and I (along with two friends in the car with us, and a pretty significant amount of our church family traveling separately) attended the Fellowship Conference in Denton, TX.

Fellowship Conference is a huge deal in our circle.  This year, you pretty much had to register within the first few days (maybe even hours!) of registration opening if you wanted to get accommodations on site, and it just a few days the limit on attendees had almost been reached.  And the limit on attendees is almost 1,000.

Why is Fellowship such a big deal?

Well, just look at the name.

Fellowship Conference is a time when Christians can get together and worship, be fed the Word by some amazing pastors, and also have plenty of time to fellowship with our family in Christ.  And that Fellowship is important, because it may be one of, if not the only time, some folks get to see each other in a year. And of course, it’s a great place to meet new people.  Attendees come from everywhere.  I didn’t even realize just how vast the scope of attendance was; I was only aware of people from about 2 states attending, but at this year’s conference, 27 states and 9 foreign countries were represented! Continue reading “Fellowship Conference Recap”


Bridal Shower Book Haul

If you know me, or are a regular reader of the blog, you know that I married a man from a different state than me, and that I moved to his state when we got married.  Well, the ladies at my husband’s church (now mine as well, of course), were kind enough to want to throw me a shower, but we were not able to fit it in before the wedding (partially because I  was long distance at the time, and it wasn’t just about finding a free day, but a free weekend that I could travel).  Anyway, the shower was scheduled for a little over a month after the wedding, when I was finally local.

Another thing you know about me if you know me at all, or are a reader of the blog, is that I’m an English teacher, I love reading, and I LOVE books.  Because of this, the shower theme was “Happily Ever After” and guests were encouraged to, in lieu of traditional gifts, bring books that had meant something to them.

I could not have been more thrilled with this plan! I know it’s probably materialistic, but I love books, and I love getting my hands on new reading material (even if it takes me forever to get to it).  But more importantly, I was getting meaningful books from my new friends and family that they had personally picked out to share with me. I like to think that I’m getting to know people better by reading the books that are important to them. 🙂

Seating arrangement at the shower 🙂
Those are book pages decorating the tree.  That garland was strung around the room as well.

So what books did I get? I’m glad you asked. Here is a list of the books, along with a little background information. Continue reading “Bridal Shower Book Haul”

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