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#WeddingWednesday: The Blessing of Having Help

After positive feedback on last week’s post, along with the enjoyment I get out of looking back, processing, and writing about the wedding and wedding process, I think I may try to do a whole #WeddingWednesday series to talk about a lot of the aspects of wedding planning that I didn’t get to cover in the first post.  I hope that doesn’t come across as self-centered or self-seeking; I hope to pass on the little I learned from my imperfect time as a bride-to-be, and maybe inspire and help other brides-to-be in their planning.  OR, you can just learn what was going through my head as I made the decisions I made 😉

I will probably end up back-tracking and starting from the beginning to cover other aspects of planning more chronologically, but first I want to talk about the blessing of having help when planning and preparing for your wedding.

This came to the forefront of my mind the other day at work when I overheard a conversation between two ladies, discussing their children’s upcoming nuptials.  Both had sons getting married, so we’re dealing with a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship here. One of the women said that when she asked the bride-to-be what she could do to help, she was told to “Wear beige and shut up.”

A few things come to mind from this:

  1. I know this is judgmental and I shouldn’t say this, but I can only imagine how much of a bridezilla that woman is!
  2. What a way to start off your relationship with your husband’s family 😦
  3. I feel a lot of sorrow for this bride.

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#WeddingWednesday: Favorite Details From My Wedding Day

My husband and I will be heading out of town this weekend to celebrate the union of two friends (the groom to be was actually a groomsman in our wedding), so in honor of that joyous occasion, I thought I’d write a #WeddingWednesday post about a few of my favorite wedding details from our own wedding this past January.

As any former bride will attest, once you’ve gone through the planning process, you will forever notice the little details at other weddings, because you know how much work went into it! I’m looking forward to seeing all the details this weekend and at all future weddings to come, and I love looking back at my own.

Having a winter wedding gave me different options than are typical for your traditional summer wedding. This was good for me, because I always want to do things just a little bit different, and do things that are unique.

Color Scheme

I wanted a color scheme that would fit the winter season.  One of my favorite colors is green, so after some debate on various shades, I went with evergreen to match the season’s greenery without being too Christmas-y.  I didn’t have a definite second color; I wanted brown, but didn’t have a specific shade nailed down…besides the fact it’s hard to find multiple things in the same shade of brown….and black is such a go-to color for groom’s attire….

…Yeah, picking out colors was actually somewhat stressful for me (overthinking at it’s finest). Ultimately, I incorporated various shades of brown, black, and white.

To go along with the evergreen, I decided pretty early on to use greenery and pine cones on the tables at the reception, and possibly for other decor too.  That theme ended up being carried over in a lot of the details.

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