I like fashion, but I will never be a fashion blogger.  For one thing, I may not be the last to get in on a trend, but I am never the first.

Actually scratch that.  Sometimes I AM the first.  But not because I latched on to a trend early.  Because I latched on to something I LIKED, and then it LATER happened to become a trend.

All that to say–I don’t buy into what’s “in style” unless I actually like it.  And a lot of times I *do* actually like it. But not all the time.

The kimono trend is a trend that I do actually like.  I’m a big fan of layering; in fact, it’s gotten to where I don’t know how to dress myself without putting layers together. This becomes a problem during the spring and summer months, when it’s warm enough outside that you really shouldn’t be wearing layers.  The kimono fixes that problem, because so many of them are light-weight, made with flowery fabrics, and flowy. Thumbs up from this gal.

However, I don’t like the price tag.  Every kimono I have been able to find in stores was at least 21 dollars or so, but usually I say them at 30 or more.  And while we aren’t hard-pressed for money, that’s just most expensive than I was willing to pay for that type of garment.

So, one day, I was browsing store specifically keeping an eye on the price tags for kimonos.  It just so happened that as I was browsing Rue 21, I found a few shirts that were flowy, made with prints that I personally would have liked on a kimono, they just…weren’t kimonos.

I thought to myself…surely there’s a way to make a shirt into a kimono…and there is!  I looked up “DIY kimono” on Google, and there are TONS of Youtube tutorials showing you how to make a kimono from shirts, scarves, and loose fabric.

Did I mention that the shirt was on sale for $5? Continue reading “DIY Kimono: How to make a shirt into a kimono”