Today is the day.  I am 27.  I still remember jamming out to Taylor Swift’s “22” over and over again the night before my 23rd birthday LITERALLY like it was yesterday….WHERE did those years go?

So, I guess I can’t ignore the fact that I’m *really* an adult now. Especially since, you know, I’m married and have a job.  I’m pretty sure that’s #adulting, although since I spend my time at work around teenagers, I still feel pretty young (and maybe even a little bit immature 😂)

But anyway, at 27 I’m closer to 30 than to 20, and that really makes a person think.  I was curious what other bloggers have written about the age of 27, and a cursory google search yielded a few interesting results, which I’ll link to at the end.  The one that stood out to me though, was a list of 27 things that you should do before you turn 27.  I thought I’d share here how I measured up.  Continue reading “27 Things To Do Before Turning 27”