I LOVE April Fools’ Day as a teacher.  It’s a busy time of year, so I haven’t done pranks every year, but it is SO much fun when I do.

Unfortunately (or not), April Fools’ Day was on a Saturday this year.  Did that stop me?


I didn’t do anything to big or that required too much pre-planning. In fact, I didn’t start planning until the night before, and only found some of my materials the day of.  Here’s the play-by-play:

Girls Bible:  I gave them a word search that was SUPPOSEDLY related to our current study of Esther.  In reality, I had printed off a word search that didn’t contain actual words, and then just made copies with “Esther Word Search” covering the original title, and names and places from the book of Esther covering the original list of words.  The girls worked for a good little bit before they figured it out.


This one backfired a bit though.  I made the mistake of leaving my phone unattended with them…one of the girls tipped me off, and when I checked my pictures later, there were more than 120 new photos.


Only 2 of the many screen shots I could take of the 120+ pictures my students took on my phone. 

Themes in Lit: This is my 9th grade reading class. We had a test scheduled for the day.  I was having trouble getting everything printed that I needed to get printed, including their test and the prank I was going to play on them, so the first thing I did was pretend that I had changed the test to an essay test. I started writing open-ended essay questions on the board and had them get out notebook paper for their test.  I wrote 2 questions on the board and pretended that I couldn’t think of the other one. I told them to go ahead and get started, and that I would post the last question when I found it on my computer.  I feigned looking for the document, and then wrote “April Fools!” on the board as the “last question.” They didn’t think that prank was too funny. 😂

But that’s not all! The next prank got me the best reaction of the day! I got the last minute idea of printing a scary picture as part of the test I was giving to catch students off guard. However, because the printer was giving me fits, I was only able to include the picture on a handful of the tests. Here is the picture:


I only got to see two students’ reactions to the test; the other 3 who had the test I got the picture on did not take the test with me in the room.  The first reaction is absolutely the best.  The student didn’t scream, but jumped a bit, and looked at me with such a look of shock and unbelief.  It was hilarious. 😂😂😂

Morning Leadership: I did the same word search with them, I just changed the title and the words they were searching for to fit the content of the class.  They almost immediately questioned whether the words were actually there, but kept looking, kind of like they didn’t *really* think I would do that to them.  As they were searching, I wrote the date on the board, and under it wrote “tomorrow is April 1st.”  They got it then.  😉

8th grade Reading: I didn’t do anything this period; I decided to save my prank for them until the afternoon, just in case they were expecting a prank.  Turns out though NONE of the students were expecting pranks from the teachers.  I even got a few students twice.

6th grade Grammar: These kids had a test too.  After their real test, I told them that I had to give them another assessment because of a research project I was doing for my graduate school class.  I told them the words were really easy, but I had to do it. And the words WERE really easy; after a few unrelated words at the beginning, the words, when put together, actually said something coherent:

“This is not a real test do you get it yet April Fools Day prank got ya”

One of these students I had in Bible; she got it once I got down to the word “day” — otherwise, the “ya” gave it away.  It’s not a real word, and the sentence I gave with it (during spelling tests I always use the word in a sentence, and that’s a big reason that the words making a real sentence wasn’t obvious during the test) was “Ya just got pranked!”

8th grade Science: I gave another fake test under the guise of giving assessments for my graduate classes.  The premise of the test was that they needed to read the instructions carefully. If they did, they would notice that they were supposed to read ALL the questions before they completed ANY of them.  Only one student got it (and let me tell ya, I was a little surprised at the one who did), but he was AWESOME about it. I’ve had students ruin the joke as soon as they get it.  He just cut his eyes up at me to make eye contact, gave me a sly grin, and went about his business, following the directions correctly without drawing attention to himself.

The other students went about completely the entire test. It included some ridiculous questions, including calling out “First!”, writing your name on the board, writing your name without vowels, and drawing the back of the head of the person in front of you.

Notice the date on the board. I put that up there as a hint, but they didn’t notice. 😛

Afternoon Leadership:  I got another student in on this one.  I gave her a fake essay and had her ask me in class if I wanted them to turn in their essays.  We then proceeded to pretend that there was an essay listed on the syllabus that we hadn’t talked about in class, but since it was on the syllabus, they were responsible.  I had typed “April Fools” as the date on the essay, and handed it to one of the girls to read to get an idea of what she was supposed to do.  I told her to be sure and check the date format, since people mess it up a lot in MLA (that’s true). Her reaction: “I knew it was a joke!”

I then proceeded to give them that same fake word search. 😂😂

I love getting a class more than once.

And that was my day! I didn’t have anything planned for my last class of the day, art.


It just occurred to me that I might have to step up my game by publishing this…who knows when a student might find my blog.  What are your favorite April Fools’ pranks?  I need new ideas for next year!