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Today’s #LoveBlog prompt is “Acts of Service,” one of the 5 love languages, which were discussed in an earlier post. I’ve gotten behind on blogging because of some travel, so there are some prompts that I have missed. Acts of service is actually today’s prompt, but I will be trying to “make up” some of the prompts I missed over the next couple of days, as well as try to stay on schedule.


So, acts of service. Acts of service has always been a pretty low score when I take the love languages quiz, but that just goes to show how love languages can be fluid, so we should be as fluent in them all as possible! Recently, acts of service has been one of the love languages I appreciate most.


I’ve been married for a little over a month and a half now. My marriage included a move to a different state. I’ve been working on unpacking my stuff and organizing two households worth of stuff in one household, getting the appropriate paperwork sent in to get my teacher’s license transferred, and just generally adjusting to a time of unemployment (or at least not full-time employment), spending most of my time at home, being married, and some health issues and not feeling well. It is at times overwhelming.

My husband, however, has graciously served me. He has done chores that are mine, worked with me on organizing, and made coffee for me almost every morning. Such acts of service have meant the world during this time. I am always thankful for such service (my dad has been known to wash my car and fill up the tank on numerous occasions), but at this time of change, acts of service speak love to me in ways that they haven’t always.

Just like I have learned some things about quality time that I didn’t know before, I have also learned some things about loving people through acts of service through being married. One thing I have found to consider when serving someone: make sure what you’re doing for them is something they would appreciate.

Not that anyone would ever not at least appreciate the thought behind the action, but there are some things people would rather do themselves. Some actions simply aren’t as helpful and appreciated as others might be.

One time, I tried to serve my husband by doing some dishes to free up some time for him to work on other things. He actually likes to do the dishes (how did I get so lucky!), and it helps him de-stress. Because he was stressed at that time, that particular act of service was not actually a great way to serve him.


It makes sense, when you think about it, I had just never…well, thought about it, at least in regards to serving other people. I can definitely think of some acts of service I would appreciate more than others. For me, just about any household chore would be a much-appreciated service. Running errands though…I enjoy that. I truly appreciate the thought and the gesture, and sometimes it’s incredibly nice to have it done for you, but most of the time I want every excuse to get out of the house that I can muster, and running errands for me is stealing away one of those excuses.

When it comes to teaching, someone could grade papers for me all day, but try to plan my lessons, and I’m not going to appreciate it as much. Grading can get monotonous, depending on what it is, and it’s always incredibly time consuming. Lesson planning is where I get to use my creativity. I would rather have more time to lesson plan than more time to grade.

What it really comes down to with acts of service is that it is about more than just the act of service itself. The more you know about the person you serve—the better you understand who they are, what they enjoy, what they don’t enjoy—the better able you are to serve them in the ways that will mean the most to them. There is always something more you can learn about the people in your life, and using what you learn to serve them better is a great way to love them better.


Thank you for reading! The #LoveBlog Challenge is hosted by Belle Brita, introduced to me and co-hosted by my friend Charlene at Enduring All Things. Check out the introductory blog post for the challenge and link-up here.

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