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February 2016

Getting to know us: Some of our “firsts”

One of the #LoveBlog prompts I didn’t get finished on time was “Firsts.” I’m publishing the post based on that prompt today.

I’ve always been a big fan of quizzes and surveys, so I thought it would be fun to do this post survey style. Surprisingly enough, I couldn’t find a “firsts” survey on the internet, so I had to make my own!  I got inspiration from a quiz I found in the book  101 Quizzes for Couples (it just happened to be in the visible pages that Google shows in the preview) and went from there.

I got the husband involved in this one too. 😛  I figured that I’d written about him enough that any readers I have should have the opportunity to get to know him a little bit better too. Continue reading “Getting to know us: Some of our “firsts””


Epic Romance: A Literary Perspective

So, I’m a nerd.  When I saw the #LoveBlog prompt “Epic romance,” I didn’t automatically think about romance of epic proportions. I thought”Ohhhh! Those are both literary terms! I’m going to define those terms for my readers, and talk about epic romance in literature!”

Yep. #NerdAlert

But as it turns out, “epic romance” doesn’t exist in literature.

Continue reading “Epic Romance: A Literary Perspective”

Cardigans are a teacher’s best friend (OR, What not to wear on a date)

I REALLY enjoy dressing up, and my career as a teacher has been really good for that. Teaching requires a professional wardrobe, but no so professional that you are regulated to just dress suits and blazers. While schools typically have dress codes for their teachers as well as for students, and some are stricter than others, a lot of times you have some fashion freedom. You will see a lot of younger teachers especially who are dressing both professionally and really stylishly.

You would think this would be GREAT for having a date night-worthy wardrobe. That is not necessarily the case. While you definitely want to be stylish on a date, you don’t necessarily want to look professional. And professional/stylish clothes cost money; teachers shop with their profession in mind, and will hardly consider a piece of clothing that couldn’t be worn to school. Believe me, I do it, and I shop with other teachers who do it. We can’t stand to splurge on something that we couldn’t wear in the classroom.

That’s where cardigans come in.

This dress by itself would be GREAT for a date night.  It has tank-top style sleeves and a lower back; sexy without being immodest.  However, with a scarf and a cardigan or blazer, you would never know! I’ve worn this to work MANY times.

Continue reading “Cardigans are a teacher’s best friend (OR, What not to wear on a date)”

Taking advice with a grain of salt

Today’s #LoveBlog prompt is “advice.” I decided to talk about advice in general, rather than focus on relational or love advice. For a list of the month’s prompts, click here.

Generally speaking, I try to take most advice with a grain of salt–regardless of the topic, regardless of who is giving the advice. Obviously, there are some people’s advice I am more apt to lean heavily on. I trust my parents immensely. There are certain teachers that I highly respect. There are certain couples who have strong marriages. There are certain Christians whose strength of faith I admire.

But even among those, there are considerations to make. I don’t agree with my parents on everything. Not all good teachers teach the same way, and those teachers I admire may not have the same teaching style I do. Those strong marriages are between completely different people than me and my husband. Those Christians who I admire do not have the same strengths, weaknesses, and story that I do.

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My Family in Christ

Family is more than your blood.

We’ve all heard that saying before, or something akin to it. Now, you’ve probably also heard that blood is thicker than water—it’s just one of the many sets of contradictory aphorisms out there. But I tend to lean on the side that family is more than blood.

The reason is because of my faith in God and Jesus Christ, and the experiences I have had bonding with other Christians.

They are my family. Continue reading “My Family in Christ”

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