My 11th grade ACT Reading Class (yes, since I last posted I have graduated college, gotten a job teaching, and have been teaching for about a month now) takes a vocabulary quiz every week.  They must match the word to the correct definition, and then they must write a sentence using each word.  The sentences is where it gets interesting when I grade.  Sometimes they aren’t even working the right definition, which it really interesting.  But even when they have it right, sometimes they come up with the funniest things!  Here are some of my favorites:

  • “I have compassion for ppl sometimes.”
  • “My teacher has adulation from her students.” —maybe he means me?? 😉
  • If you are getting instructions from a teacher, and you don’t listen the first time, she might censure.” –preach it girl!
  • “I give my dog adulation when she doesn’t bite me for touching her.” Haha!
  • “The long red dress the girl wore to prom made her look even more aesthetic.” o_O
  • “The camaraderie sent shivers down her body.”–not exactly right
  • “The beaver caused a flood adulationly.”–not quite right either