Why are human beings idiots? 

Why are we selfish?  Why do we constantly turn to our own desires and our own “abilities” in an attempt to be whole, to feel loved, and to feel worthwhile?  Why do we always think things will be better our way, when God proves time and time again that our way is empty, purposeless, and futile?

Why do we love our sin so much when God has so much more to offer?  Why is that so hard to see? 

Why is the unknown so scary?  Even when God is control of it?

Why am I so willing to trust everyone but God?  Why is it so hard to put Him first in my life?

Why do I so often realize these things, only to quickly fall back into purposeless monotony?  How do I make a change once and for all?

Father, I pray that you will strengthen me enough to be able to keep this promise to you:

You are my forever love

You are my forever love

You are my forever love

You are my forever love

From the bottom of my heart I’ll sing to you

From the depths of who I am I’ll love you

With everything inside I’ll run to you

Because everything I’ve become I owe to you

“Forever Love” by Francesca Battistelli